Leaving Cats At Home During Vacation

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If you’re planning on taking a vacation this summer or fall, one of the things you need to do before leaving is figure out what’s going to work best for your cat while you’re gone. While this is an issue that most cat owners think of well in advance of leaving for a vacation, it’s still something that causes quite a bit of worry. Read More

Boarding Your Dog in Cincinnati


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Planning to go out of town? If so, boarding may be the best way to take care of your dog during your time away. While there are other options like having someone dog-sit at your house or hiring a professional for that task, not everyone wants to go down that route. Additionally, quality boarding facilities can offer advantages that may not be available with other options. That’s why we want to expand on what great dog boarding has to offer, along with two Cincinnati dog boarding facilities that live up to very high standards. Read More

What MSM Can Do For Your Dog


MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane. Although that’s a mouthful, it’s simply an organic sulfur containing compound. The reason you should care about MSM is it’s been shown to be useful as a joint health supplement. The benefits of this compound are applicable to both humans and dogs.

7 Reported Benefits of MSM

The first reported benefit of MSM is the reduction of chronic pain in dogs. This compound is a natural analgesic. It’s able to block pain impulses from transferring through nerve fibers, as well as cortisol and the inflammation process. Functioning as a synergist is its second benefit. MSM has been shown to improve the cellular uptake of everything from vitamin A to calcium.

The antioxidant qualities of MSM are its third reported benefit. Being an antioxidant means MSM is able to bind to free radicals and deactivate them before they’re able to cause any harm. Fourth on the list is detoxifying, followed by aiding in the prevention of neurological diseases. Sixth is helping to lessen the negative effects of allergies.

Allergies aren’t something that are as noticeable in dogs as they are humans. But dogs can definitely suffer from them. And for those that do, MSM can provide relief. Last on the list is combating parasites. MSM is not a replacement for any medications or other measures recommended by your dog’s vet. However, it can give your dog an additional barrier of defense against a wide range of parasites.

Not All MSM is Equal

While there are a lot of good things that can be said about MSM, one important note is not all forms of this compound are equal. Many forms of commercially produced MSM come with the risk of contamination or impurities. That’s because it only takes not following a single sanitation procedure or using water with heavy metals to create a problem. The best way to avoid those issues and ensure that MSM is as beneficial as possible for your dog is to get an ultra pure formulation.

Give Your Dog a Quality MSM Supplement

Even if your dog already has a quality diet, it’s unlikely that the food your dog is eating contains enough MSM to create a therapeutic dose. The recommended amount for dogs is 50 to 100 mg MSM per 10 pounds of body weight. We believe that MSM can be very useful for dogs with issues like joint pain or chronic inflammatory condition.

That’s why we have our Joint ReLiver supplement. The only two ingredients in this quality supplement are ultra pure MSM and dehydrated pork liver. Not only can dogs benefit from this supplement, but they love the taste as well! We also give you the added convenience of being able to make a one-time or recurring order.

Why Freshness is Key in Your Pet’s Nutrition

Pet Wants is more than just the name of our company. It’s also a guiding principle of the food blends we offer. Specifically, we make sure that our food is developed in a way that best serves what pet’s bodies want and need to be as healthy as possible. By taking this approach with our food, we’re able to offer foods that are great for pets who range from puppies and kittens all the way to senior dogs and cats. Read More

What Exactly is Kitten Season?


Although kitten season may sound like a term that’s used when someone is making a joke, it’s actually a very real thing. This terms refers to spring, which is when kittens are most likely to be born. Digging into the science behind kitten season and why cats are most likely to give birth during spring is actually quite fascinating.


When compared to humans and dogs, a cat’s cycle seems very unique. Instead of cycling monthly or twice a year, a cat’s cycle is organized by the amount of daylight they get. In order for a cat to go into heat, they need at least 12 hours of daylight. The evolutionary reason for this is to ensure kittens aren’t born during the winter, which is the time of year that traditional food sources for cats like rabbits and mice are hibernating.


While a cat’s heat cycle is definitely different from the cycles of humans or dogs, they’re not the only animal that has it. Hamsters, lemurs and horses are a few examples of other animals that use the amount of daylight to regulate their breeding cycles. Cats and these other animals are known as long day breeders. There are also animals like deer, goats and foxes that are short day breeders, which means their cycles are triggered when there are fewer hours of daylight.


The Impact of Kitten Season in the Modern World

If you notice the presence of a lot of feral cats in your neighborhood during the coming weeks, it’s not a coincidence. Kitten season means cats are quite active. It also means that lots of kittens are born this time of year without a home. This leads to many being taken to shelters. And even though shelters do their best to care for kittens and find homes, there simply aren’t enough available.  


Kitten season means several things for people who already have cats or are thinking about getting one. As a cat owner, one of the best things you can do is spay or neuter your cat early on in their life. Your veterinarian will inform you when your cat is eligible for the procedure.
And if you don’t have a cat but have been thinking about getting one, kitten season is a great time of the year to adopt. By adopting a kitten or adult cat from a shelter, you’ll be able to provide a loving home. Just add a Pet Wants food blend to your cat’s daily routine, and you’ll have a very happy and healthy pet!

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, now is a great time to follow through on that decision. One of the reasons why Spring is the perfect time to adopt a pet is because now is when both dogs and cats have their babies. While some puppies and kittens will find loving homes, others will end up on the street or in shelters. Although shelters do their best to care for every animal that comes through their doors, it can be a major challenge during spring when so many small animals are arriving on a daily basis. Read More

Water: An Essential Part of Dog Nutrition All Year Long


At Pet Wants, we’re incredibly passionate about dog nutrition. We believe that fresh and balanced food is the key to ensuring that dogs are able to live healthy & happy lives. While the food we offer is specifically designed to provide dogs with the optimal balance of nutrients they need, there is another important element in this equation. That element is water. During the hotter months of the year, the need to keep a dog’s water bowl full is easy to remember. But what often gets overlooked is that dogs need to get enough water all year long.

As humans, we often think we’re hungry when our bodies actually just want us to drink more water. That’s why one of the most effective dieting tips anyone can follow is to prioritize drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Since many people have at least a few misconceptions about dogs and their water as well, we want to clear those up by diving into exactly why dogs need plenty of water on a consistent basis, as well as what owners can do to supply the right amount:

Why Water is So Important for Dogs

When water goes into a dog’s body, it’s used to move nutrients in and out of cells. So even if a dog is getting the right nutrients, not getting enough water means they may not be able to properly absorb them. In addition to absorbing nutrients, water is used during the digestion of food. It’s also vital for regulating body temperature. Given that dogs may be exposed to the heater running a lot during cold Cincinnati winters, it’s still possible for them to have an elevated temperature even when the weather outside is quite cold. To top things off, water plays a central role in joint lubrication, as well as cushioning internal tissues and ensuring optimal urination & bowel movements.

Recognizing Dehydration and Providing Dogs with Plenty of Water

In extreme cases, dehydration can cause a dog’s organs to shut down. However, dehydration  can still be a serious issue even without things going that far. In most cases, as long as a dog has access to enough water, they will keep themselves hydrated. That being said, there are a few conditions like diabetes that can cause dehydration, which is why it’s important to know how to recognize this condition.

If you think your dog may be dehydrated, you can check by picking up a fold of their skin around the shoulder blades. If the skin doesn’t quickly return to its position upon release, you should have your dog checked by a vet for dehydration. And to help prevent this condition, make sure your dog has daily access to at least one ounce of clean water for every pound of body weight.

Do Cats Get High on Catnip?


If you have a cat, it may absolutely love catnip. And if you have multiple cats, you may have noticed that at least one of them is not really fond of catnip. Since cats can have such different reactions to catnip, plenty of owners have questions about this substance. To help provide insight, as well as clarify whether certain beliefs about catnip are fact or fiction, we’ve put together a catnip guide with everything you need to know:

Catnip 101

While catnip can be stuffed into all kinds of toys, it’s not something that’s manufactured by humans. Instead, catnip is actually a herb. Specifically, it’s a perennial known by the scientific name of Nepeta cataria. Catnip belongs to the mint family, and plants can grow as tall as three feet in height.

The reason that some cats are so fond of this herb is it contains a compound known as nepetalactone. When cats smell this compound, they may experience a type of high. And if they eat catnip, they may get sleepy and want to take a nap. However, the reason that not all cats are interested in this herb is a gene determines whether or not they have those types of reactions. For around 50% of all cats, this herb won’t trigger any type of reaction. Also, some cats do react in a somewhat aggressive manner to this herb.

Although cats with the catnip gene may get very excited by it, that doesn’t mean there’s any cause for concern. Catnip is not a drug. That means it’s not addictive and there’s no concern of an overdose. The worst possible scenario is a cat eats too much and ends up vomiting or having diarrhea.

Buying, Storing, Growing and Using Catnip

As a natural substance, catnip can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for many pets. If you purchase loose catnip instead of just a toy that contains it, be sure to store the catnip in a container with a secure lid. Otherwise, there’s a chance that you may walk into your home and discover your cat having a messy catnip feast!

Since catnip is just a herb, it’s something that cat owners can grow on their own. An added benefit of this plant is it will keep away mice, rats and mosquitos. The one thing to keep in mind is unless you want to attract all the strays in your neighborhood, it’s best to stick with planting a small patch.

For cats who enjoy catnip, this herb is a great way to provide them with an enjoyable treat. Another use of catnip is to rub it on a scratching post that a cat has been neglecting. This will remind your cat to resume scratching in that specific area. At Pet Wants Cincy, we offer Organic Catnip for your felines!