Prepping Paws for Winter


In our last post on dogs’ winter coats, we mentioned the importance of taking care of paws as well. Since winter can be quite hard on the paws of any dog that spends even a moderate amount of time outside, we want to dive into this topic in detail. By understanding exactly what winter means for your dog’s paws, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to provide support and protection for your pet.

The Best Way to Prep

One of the most common and potentially quite painful issues dogs have with their paws during this time of year is ice getting stuck in between them. This is most likely to happen when a dog has hair that extends out of its paws. That’s why you’ll want to prep your dog for winter conditions by clipping any hair so that it’s even with the paw pads. If you aren’t used to clipping any of your dog’s hair, you can do this specific grooming with a beard trimmer that has the shortest plastic guard on it.

By getting rid of any excess hair, you’ll cut down the risk of the hair picking up ice on the ground and then having it go between your dog’s paws. When you’re getting rid of this hair, you’ll also want to trim your dog’s nails and keep them at a reasonable length throughout the entire winter.

Are Boots a Good Idea?

Although seeing a dog in a pair of winter boots can be a funny sight, this accessory can work quite well. That’s especially true if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of walking through icy conditions. Prior to buying a pair of boots, be sure to do your research on the type and style that are best suited for your specific breed of dog. And when you put them on, you’ll want the strap to be tight enough that it keeps the boot on but not so tight that it causes any kind of constriction.

Don’t Forget About Potentially Toxic Elements

While salt and de-icers are important for keeping paved spaces safe, they’re not very friendly substances for dogs. Because they have the potential to be toxic, avoid letting your dog lick any puddles and be sure to wipe off paws as soon as you get back inside.

The Benefits of Pet Wants Paw Wax for Dogs

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to protect your dog’s paws from the winter elements, you’ll love Pet Wants paw wax. Made from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and lavender oil, you can give your pet’s paws natural protection by applying a layer of this wax before going outside.

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