Is Halloween Scary for Your Pets?

dog sitting in a witches hat

Trick or Treat

There are a number of reasons why fall is a great time of the year. One of those reasons is Halloween. Although this holiday can be a lot of fun for both children and adults, there are those who aren’t particularly fond of Halloween. The group we’re going to focus on today who may not be such fans of Halloween is pets. While dogs and cats don’t automatically hate this holiday, there are some different elements of it they may find scary.

The four elements of Halloween that can make it scary for pets are:

Ringing Doorbells

Despite their owners trying to make them stop, dogs of all sizes have a habit of barking when the doorbell rings. This behavior usually stems from dogs getting excited by the sound. With cats, there are plenty who may run and hide when they hear the doorbell ring. Given the number of times a doorbell may get rung by trick-or-treaters, it’s not going to be a very peaceful experience for your pet.

The Costumes

Even though the way pets perceive the world is different than how we do, they can still make out different appearances. So when lots of people are running around with masks instead of their normal faces, it can definitely create a sense of unease for pets.

Loud Music and Kids

For people, spooky music can make this holiday all the more fun. But between that and all the noise created by kids who have scarfed down a bunch of candy, the environment for pets can be overwhelming.

Not Getting Attention

Halloween is much busier than a normal night. What that means for pets is in addition to all of the extra stimulating things going on around them, they may feel like they’re not getting the amount of attention they’re used to receiving from their owner.

How to Help Your Pet

No one wants to intentionally put their pet in a situation that’s stressful. That’s why the good news about being aware that Halloween can be scary for pets is you can take action to help your pet.

Due to the really loud noises that can occur, the 4th of July is another holiday that can be very stressful for pets. The most common recommendation for helping pets get through the 4th is creating a special spot in your home where they feel completely secure. You can do the same for your pet on Halloween.

Depending on your pet’s personality, this spot may include their crate or something else where they can feel comfortable and secure. You can include any toys your pet likes, along with food and water. The other thing you’ll want to do is ensure you do give your pet plenty of attention throughout this holiday.

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