Leaving Cats At Home During Vacation

Beautiful young woman with cat sitting on bed

If you’re planning on taking a vacation this summer or fall, one of the things you need to do before leaving is figure out what’s going to work best for your cat while you’re gone. While this is an issue that most cat owners think of well in advance of leaving for a vacation, it’s still something that causes quite a bit of worry.

The reason that plenty of cat owners have concerns about what to do with their pet during their time away is cats can get very stressed by this type of separation. Even though cats have a reputation for being independent, that doesn’t mean they deal well with being away from their owner for extended periods of time.

Understanding How Cats Feel About Separation

Cats definitely take notice when their owner is gone for longer than normal. And once a cat notices that they’ve been alone for an extended period of time, there’s a good chance it will make them feel stressed. Not only is excess stress something most cat owners would prefer their pet didn’t have to experience, but stress is actually a very common trigger of urinary tract infections in cats.

The possibility of your cat getting a UTI while you’re away is just one example of what can go wrong during a vacation. Since there are many different ways a cat can get sick, it’s important that they have access to healthcare in the event anything does go wrong. Other complications of leaving a cat alone for multiple days at a time include spoiled food and a dirty litter box that a cat will refuse to use.

What to Do About Being Away From Your Cat

Assuming that a cat will be fine on their own for a few days doesn’t make anyone a bad pet

owner. However, once they become aware of why that assumption is incorrect, the responsible thing for a cat owner to do is find a solution.

There are two main options for keeping your cat safe while you’re away, along with ensuring your kitty has fresh food, clean water and a sanitary litter box. The first option is to board your cat. Whether or not this option is right will depend on your cat’s personality. In most cases, cats that are boarded do best in environments that are designed for only felines.fresh food

The other option is to have someone come by your home once or twice a day to care for your cat. This will help keep your cat’s stress levels in check, along with ensuring any issues that come up can be dealt with in a timely manner. If you don’t have any friends or family who can help you in this way, you can use an online resource like Thumbtack to find a professional cat sitter with a verified reputation.

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