Why Freshness is Key in Your Pet’s Nutrition

Pet Wants is more than just the name of our company. It’s also a guiding principle of the food blends we offer. Specifically, we make sure that our food is developed in a way that best serves what pet’s bodies want and need to be as healthy as possible. By taking this approach with our food, we’re able to offer foods that are great for pets who range from puppies and kittens all the way to senior dogs and cats.

If you’re wondering how we’re able to provide such high quality food for pets, there are actually a few important components of this equation. The first is our commitment to only using the highest quality ingredients. You can take a look at exactly what we put into our different blends by heading over to the Pet Wants ingredients page.

While using the right ingredients is a very important part of what we do, it doesn’t account for the full scope of what makes our foods so great. Another very important of what we do with our food is ensuring its freshness.

Understanding the Importance of Freshness

Even though the bags of food that sit on store shelves may have expiration dates on them, that doesn’t mean they’re truly fresh. There are actually two big issues that come from pet food bags sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for so long. The first is sitting for long periods does reduce the nutritional quality of pet food. The other problem is in order to ensure this type of food doesn’t spoil while sitting, pet food makers have to rely on preservatives. What’s even worse is not all preservatives have to be disclosed on bag labels.

How Your Pet Will Benefit From Eating Fresh Food

Based on the information we covered in the previous section, it’s easy to understand why food that’s lacking in freshness can be an issue for both dogs and cats. We also want to share what your pet can gain from eating food that is truly fresh. The first two benefits are increased energy and improved digestion. This combination will go a long way towards helping your pet feel its best every day.

Fresh food makes it easier for dogs and cats to maintain a healthy weight. It’s also great for pets that are picky eaters or have a food allergy. And to top things off, feeding your pet food that’s fresh will keep its coat shiny and healthy.

If you want to protect your pet from the negative impact of food that’s not fresh and ensure your furry companion gets all the benefits of food that is fresh, we encourage you to give Pet Wants a try!

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