Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, now is a great time to follow through on that decision. One of the reasons why Spring is the perfect time to adopt a pet is because now is when both dogs and cats have their babies. While some puppies and kittens will find loving homes, others will end up on the street or in shelters. Although shelters do their best to care for every animal that comes through their doors, it can be a major challenge during spring when so many small animals are arriving on a daily basis.

Reasons to Adopt Instead of Buy

According to the Humane Society, approximately 6-8 million animals are brought into shelters in the US every year. Of those, about half are euthanized. That’s the unfortunate reality of there being so many animals without a home and too few people adopting them. So given the huge surplus of healthy and happy dogs and cats in need of a home, the right thing to do is adopt. You may need a full-bred dog for health reasons such as allergies, but try visiting a shelter first, you never know what breeds might be there!  By adopting a dog or cat, you can save their life and change yours in a very positive way as well.

Feeding, Potty Training and More

Adopting a pet this time of year means you will likely be able to choose a puppy or kitten. Just know that if you adopt a younger pet, you will have some additional responsibilities. With a puppy, the first thing to remember is to choose the right type of food. At Pet Wants, we offer a special fresh blend that includes all the vitamins, minerals and optimal caloric content needed by a puppy to grow. As your puppy matures into a healthy adult dog, you’ll be able to transition to one of our other equally fresh and nutritious blends.

Potty training is the other big responsibility with raising a puppy. This task requires patience and an understanding that puppies can only hold their pee in for a few hours at a time. But as long as you stay calm and consistent, you will be able to get your new pet potty trained. Properly caring for a kitten also requires more attention than an adult cat.

A Reminder to Spay and Neuter

Since overpopulation continues to be a problem for both dogs and cats, the best thing you can do when you bring a new pet home is get them spayed or neutered as soon as your vet says they’re old enough for that procedure.

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